About Biz

Biz is Surrey and Hampshire's brand new business club. It's free to join Biz and once you are a member, you can win fabulous prizes for your company, your workmates and yourself every month.

Biz members also get access to exclusive competitions, networking and social events along with the chance to promote their business to other Biz members for free.

What makes Biz different?

Biz is a modern business network for Surrey and North Hampshire. It's completely free to join and offers opportunities to promote your business along with special offers, exciting events and affordable training courses. Biz is operated by Eagle Radio, the area's largest media organisation and part of UKRD; four time winners of The Sunday Times Best Company to Work For.

Biz is run with four key filters; Learn, Enjoy, Inspire & Give Back, to ensure the best possible benefits for all members.


The most successful people never stop learning. We want to provide exciting & affordable training courses to help people develop their careers. For example, we host free 'Networking for Beginners' workshops which are totally free and give advice and a practical opportunity to develop a one minute networking presentation. For experienced business people, we offer opportunities for Continued Personal Development (CPD) with a range of courses from Social Media Law & Ethics through to the latest marketing ideas and consumer research.


Many of the best business contacts you will ever make are those that share common values, experiences and interests and we encourage Biz members to create their own networks. These contacts can be invaluable in supporting your efforts and promoting your business to the wider business community. Spending quality time at social events with new colleagues and like-minded business professionals can strengthen ties and help you build your network.  


Biz wants to give people access to fantastic stories of real people. Some of them will be from the business world, many will operate locally in Surrey and Hampshire but most importantly we hope that their stories and their own personal journeys will leave you inspired. Inspired to think about just what is possible. Inspired to set off on your own personal journey. Inspired to fulfil your own potential in business.

Give Back

We believe that local and national should always try and support the community in which they do business. Giving Back can take a number of forms, from donation of goods & services to mentoring, supporting, ideas & resource sharing and volunteering. We aim to connect like-minded community organisations with modern thinking local companies. In a modern world there are many different ways of demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility and Giving Back is good for business!